Along our life path, we accumulate stress through experience, outdated beliefs, sabotages, trauma and not listening to our wisdom/intuition/what we know is right for us.

This creates blocks to the energy flow within our body. Kind of like road blocks creating traffic pile ups along the free-way. These blocks are stored within our cellular memory (did you know that we have over a trillion cells in the body?), our subconscious memory & our energetic systems (e.g. meridians). Some muscular tightness or pains we have can sometimes be linked to these experiences and can persist until the energy is balanced.


  Founded on Eastern medicine and Western understanding of anatomy, kinesiologists believe at some deep unconscious level, our body knows, and tries to tell us exactly what it needs to remain healthy, however most of the time we are either not in tune or too busy to take notice of what or body is trying to tell us.  Kinesiology bypasses your conscious mind and it lets your body do the talking.

  During your session a practitioner will assess the client's health by monitoring their muscle reflexes. The idea is that any imbalance of physique, chemistry, nutrition or emotion can be detected by the variation of stress resistance in various muscle groups. The practitioner can then treat what he or she finds by employing methods of acupressure or directing energy to certain points of the body to re-adjust the energy flow within the body. Energy runs through us like blood, and if the pathways are blocked through trauma, injury or stress the energy cannot flow freely and can limit our ability to utilise our full potential both mentally and physically 

   After experiencing a 'balance' you may find that life situations could change on many different levels aside from the initial issue you have come to heal, having a more positive approach and changing the way that we deal with situations that arise is just one example of being able to move forward and take back control of your life.


A holistic way to improving your health.

What is Kinesiology and how does it benefit us:
  • Anxiety

  • Physical ailments

  • Depression

  • Overcoming past trauma

  • Addictions

  •  releasing fears and phobias

  • Identifying nutritional excess or deficiency

  • Aiding in muscle injury healing

  • Eliminating emotional, physical and mental stress

  • Enhanced learning abilities

  • Improved sports performance

  • Sabotage issues

Where kinesiology can be beneficial:

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